The Trouble With Forever: Book 3 in The Trouble With Series

Dr Kate Croft wants a child. But after being cheated on three times in a row, she is done with men and secures the sperm of platonic friend Hugo so she can have the baby on her own.

But while taking a month off to prepare for IVF, she meets Elias Beckingsale, the younger brother of an old friend. Elias is hot, charismatic, and completely inappropriate, and Kate can’t stay away.

After a steamy night together, Kate disappears, not wanting to sabotage her plans further, and guessing that Elias would be uninterested in a relationship with an older, soon-to-be-pregnant woman.

Elias Beckingsale is a mess. Despite having a successful career as a sculptor, he is estranged from almost his entire family. Choosing a career in art instead of medicine meant that his parents disowned him, and he’s always been happy to play the black sheep.

But that all changes when he meets Kate. Reconciling two years after a previous chance encounter, he realises he wants to be a better person for her.

However, Kate seems reluctant to engage…

…until she comes to him with a revelation that will change both their lives forever.