Christmas Week!

Things are getting busy! This week we were looking after an extra two children leading up to Christmas Day, but I still managed to squeeze in some writing stuff. Schedule was as follows:

Sunday (seeing as I didn’t cover that in my last post)

200+ pages of a new proof / edit. I had almost the entire day free before the kids arrived, so I started right from the beginning and got through a good chunk of the story. I was pleased to find that the second half flows seamlessly on from the first (at least to me!).


Did around 30 pages of proofing by lunchtime, plus a few more in the evening.


Only 10 pages of proofing in the evening.


24 pages of proofing – but avoided the tricky bits because my brain was overloaded from having a house full of people.


Christmas Eve – no time for writing.


Christmas Day! Again, not really any time for writing.


A very small amount of proofing in the evening after drinking sparkling wine and watching the first half of Step Up 2. Wondered if I could work in a new character based on Channing Tatum.


No writing because we went to Brisbane.

Other highlights / lowlights from the week…

  • Saw my first ever two-storey Christmas rabbit on a walk around the neighbourhood.


  • Helped my niece make a cushion for her mother for Christmas. I do not own a sewing machine, so I spent a rather frantic hour and a half late on the 23rd (her family is Danish so they do presents on the 24th) finishing it off for her. It was only my second attempt at hand-stitching since high school, so I was pretty impressed with my efforts. (Yes, I am aware that an hour and a half is probably the equivalent of a year to professional sewing people.)
  • Went here and had the best time ever:

  • Went here* and also had a pretty good time (I got a hole in one on one of the holes!).


*Top Shots Maroochydore

  • Never quite got used to feeding my friend’s pets, but my husband and I formed an awkward tag team, involving keeping the Labrador at bay while the other topped up food and water (alright, it was my husband who kept the Labrador at bay every time).
  • Made the best ever orange and almond sour cream cake.
  • Played Bananagrams with my family on Christmas Eve. My grandma found my mum’s winning word of ‘fug’ hilarious and then kicked all our butts in Rummy.
  • Got to stare at this view for a few days in Brisbane.


The following week is shaping up to be pretty busy too, but I hope I can squeeze in a little bit of writing! Stay tuned!

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