Sunshine of Your Love

I only have one week before I’m out on the streets and lose my house… which used to belong to my grandmother.

So, I reluctantly accept a job-share role at the Atlantis Hotel Group as their marketing coordinator. Working there is my dream, apart from the fact I have to compete against the world’s most miserable guy to stay there.

We have three months to prove we’re right for the full-time job, and all signs point to me being the favoured candidate.

Tristan Campbell is arrogant, unsociable, and thinks it’s appropriate to wear a suit in a casual work environment.

It doesn’t matter that I’m weirdly attracted to his eyebrows and Harry Styles hair. The guy is a nightmare, and the sooner I prove I’m better than him, the sooner I can get him out of my life and pay off my mortgage.

The only problem is, that grump starts acting human.

And when he requests my help in an awkward personal situation, I’m not sure I’m able to refuse…