The Trouble With Fame: Book 2 in The Trouble With Series

Hair and makeup stylist Sarah Thatcher is bad at relationships. Believing there is always a winner and a loser in love has resulted in her prioritising her career over men.

It doesn’t help that she is also the unfortunate target of a mystery stalker, which forced her to relocate her entire life to the other side of the city.

But then she meets Korean model Theo Park, possibly the most beautiful man she has ever laid eyes on—and with a personality equally attractive. However, after spending the night together, Theo reveals he’s heading to Europe for six months, and Sarah’s insecurities lead her to cutting contact.

Theo Park has his own insecurities. While adored by his many fans, a traumatic childhood resulted in him never fully believing in himself. But when he meets Sarah, he finally starts to see his potential… and a partner he can grow a future with.

After returning from Europe, he wants to pick up where they left off.

But will his rising fame, the re-emergence of Sarah’s stalker, and their old patterns prove too much for their fledgling relationship?