1998 (Book 3 in the 90s Flashback Series)

Anna finally has it all: a gorgeous partner, a successful business, and the best friends a gal could ask for.

But just when she thought she’d finally achieved her happily ever after, she finds herself alone again.

Kurt, her soulmate, is leaving the country for three whole months—and while he’s gone, he’s given her some serious decisions to consider. Anna must rely on her support network—plus her trusty time-travelling compound—to get her through.

However, soon after Kurt’s departure, Anna’s ex-husband makes a reappearance—and until she finds a way to banish his demons, neither of them can move forward.

But once she tackles that problem, a worse one arises.

Could the secret she uncovers derail the life she’s worked so hard towards?

Time travel has a lot to answer for.