The Trouble With Falling: Book 1 in The Trouble With Series

Criminal defence lawyer Alexis Hall has always been a daddy’s girl. Growing up without a mother, she eagerly followed in her father’s footsteps to work her way up the corporate ladder, eventually joining his legal firm. But on their first case together, she discovers his impeccable track record is not as squeaky clean as she believed—and after accusing him of corruption, she finds herself out of a job and a place to live.

Fortunately, a pet-sitting gig at a luxury apartment gives her somewhere to stay, and a new roster of cleaning houses and doing odd jobs provides enough cash to survive. Unfortunately, her downstairs neighbour, an attractive but grumpy doctor, seems determined to make her life miserable.

Dr Levi Beckingsale has problems of his own. He joined his family’s business—a popular skin clinic—to help those in need. But more and more, his clients comprise mostly of the city’s elite. And with his mother’s ultimatum to get married or take on higher-value clients, Levi’s dream for meaningful work drifts further and further away.

Adding to that is the beautiful but frustrating upstairs neighbour, who always seems to appear at the worst possible moment, reminding him of just how badly he’s failing at life.

He needs to stay away from her.

But can he actually do it?