I Thought It Was You

A cruise seems like a great way to get over a breakup—until things go wildly off-course…

When Liv Turner takes a cruise after a bad breakup, all she wants to do is hide from the world and hang out with her brother, who works in the ship’s casino. But soon after boarding, three things happen:

  1. Liv meets Wells, a gorgeous charity worker on his way to Cozumel.
  2. She discovers that her ex has completely drained her bank account.
  3. TV celebrity Jamila Castro begs Liv to help stop a vengeful ex-costar from ruining her career.

    With Liv broke and a twenty-thousand-dollar incentive to help Jamila, she reluctantly accepts the offer. The only catch? She isn’t allowed to talk to Wells again. To make matters more complicated, Liv’s brother had booked her trip through a singles group…

    Will Liv be able to keep her promise to Jamila and prevent her career from imploding? And will she be able to put Wells out of her mind? Anything can happen on the Shakespeare Adriana, but smooth sailing isn’t always one of them..