The Trouble With Falling

They both have toxic families. Can they overcome their pasts to live happily ever after?

The Trouble With Fame

He's a famous Korean model. She's a well-known hair and makeup stylist. Is a relationship between them possible?

The Trouble With Forever

She wants a baby. Will a one-night stand derail all her plans?

Sunshine of Your Love

When Abbie reluctantly accepts a job-share position, she must out-perform the eternally grumpy Tristan Campbell.


Just when Anna thought she could finally relax, her ex-husband makes a reappearance with a problem only she can solve.

Love at Coco Bay

Sasha has been in love with Dash for four years. Will planning someone else’s wedding together finally make him notice her?

Welcome to Coco Bay

Emily has a history of running from her problems. Could working in paradise be the answer to her prayers?

Before Coco Bay

Emily was living her dream life in Canada...until everything started to fall apart.

My Own Personal Rockstar

She's a single mother with a rockstar crush. His music career is taking off while his personal life is imploding. Can they just be friends?

A Christmas Rescue

When a family emergency sends Hannah to Australia, she thinks her Christmas may be ruined. Until she meets the bronzed surfer god next door.

Mind Reader

Kellan Gallo can predict soulmates...except the one belonging to the woman he needs to prove his skill to the most.

I Thought It Was You

Liv thought it would be easy pretending to be a nurse on a Caribbean cruise in exchange for twenty grand…until she meets Wells.


Anna is moving on…but a bizarre night out reminds her of a certain person she met in 1996. Will she be able to track him down again?


When Anna takes a supplement that thrusts her back in time, she can’t wait to re-explore the 90s and learn more about her secretive husband’s past.


Lauren’s dream was to work behind the scenes of a reality dating show…be careful what you wish for.


Isla turned into a recluse after her ex destroyed her life. But after meeting hot personal trainer Wes, she finds that she’s stronger than she thinks.

Perfume Therapy

Two weeks in Thailand…what could possibly go wrong? A lot, apparently. At least there’s a hot Scottish perfumer to save the day.

How Not To Handle a Breakup

What do you do when your life implodes, and you almost ruin your celebrity boss’s career? Go to a festival in the middle of the desert, of course!

Zen Queen

Jess couldn’t wait to get to Japan…until she lost her job and found herself homeless. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.

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What people are saying about 1996...

"I am totally a fan of time travel fiction and I found this unique twist on the concept incredibly interesting. I also really enjoyed the main character, Anna - I loved how self-aware and "real" she was."