My Own Personal Rockstar - OUT NOW!

Single mother Natasha Northwood has her life sorted. With a beautiful daughter, a dream career, and a bestie for company, she doesn’t need anyone or anything else.

A Christmas Rescue - OUT NOW!

When a family emergency sends Hannah to Australia, she thinks her Christmas may be ruined. Until she meets the bronzed surfer god next door.

Before Coco Bay - OUT NOW!

Emily McIntosh has been living the dream in Canada for five years. She works as a tourism director for a prestigious company in Vancouver, and spends every day with Ryan, the best boss a girl could ask for.

Welcome to Coco Bay - OUT NOW!

Tourism director Emily is reluctantly back in Australia after five years in Canada. Having left her previous job under less than ideal circumstances, she finds it almost impossible to secure new employment without a professional reference.

Mind Reader - OUT NOW!

Kellan Gallo can predict soulmates. Operating out of the nightclub Heaven Sent, his charming reputation and impressive accuracy rate are legendary.

I Thought It Was You - OUT NOW!

When Liv Turner takes a cruise to get away from a bad break-up, all she wants to do is hide from the world for a while—and maybe hang out with her brother, who works in the ship’s casino. But soon after boarding, three things happen in quick succession...

1996 - OUT NOW!

When Anna Matthews stumbles upon a vitamin supplement that thrusts her back in time, she takes full advantage of re-acquainting herself with the 90s and learning about her secretive husband’s past.

1997 - OUT NOW!

Anna Matthews is moving on, but a bizarre night out leaves her craving the company of someone she misses from the past.


After Lauren Hunter is let go from a job she didn’t even like, she flies to Sydney to stay with her brother and re-assess her life.


When Isla Greenwood discovers a nude photo of herself online, she immediately knows her ex-boyfriend is to blame.

Perfume Therapy

Chloe Beech is all set for a two-week holiday in Thailand with her sister Mia.

Saved by the Celebutante

When Chrissie Lambert discovers an earth-shattering secret about her husband Corey, she wonders if life will ever be the same again.

Zen Queen

Jess Harper’s personal life is a mess. She hasn’t had a haircut in half a decade, and she doesn’t have time to find better friends than...

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What people are saying about 1996...

"I am totally a fan of time travel fiction and I found this unique twist on the concept incredibly interesting. I also really enjoyed the main character, Anna - I loved how self-aware and "real" she was."