Perfume Therapy

Perfume Therapy - Kirsty McManusChloe Beech is all set for a two-week holiday in Thailand with her sister Mia. Sure, she’s leaving behind an office that doesn’t seem to be able to run without her, and Mia has invited a bunch of her narcissistic friends along to join them, but a holiday is a holiday, right?

Wrong. Pickpocketed on her first night and separated from everyone, Chloe soon finds herself stranded in the back streets of Bangkok. Fortunately, her saviour arrives in the form of charismatic perfumer Daniel Richards, whose Scottish accent and amiable nature immediately put her at ease.

With Daniel’s help, Chloe is soon back on the metaphorical horse. But with several more unfortunate events befalling her over the following days, she is forced to rely on Daniel again and again to help bail her out.

Throw in a jealous absentee boyfriend, a wild neighbour with the propensity to meddle, and a strangely aggressive staff member at Daniel’s perfumery, and Chloe finds herself on the trip of a lifetime. It’s not quite the one she was expecting, but it might just be the shake-up she needs.