Saved by the Celebutante News!

So! Saved by the Celebutante is finally finished! I actually completed it a week ago, but I got side-tracked with some web design work, so I couldn’t properly celebrate at the time.

But I’m still excited. I started writing this crazy book three years ago and it has undergone some major changes in that time – the most recent being the completely re-working of the second half in November last year.

The next step is to get my two lovely critique partners to run through it for me to make sure I haven’t missed anything major, and then send it on to a few beta readers. These are made up of various friends and family members, plus a couple of “official” readers at Quiethouse Copy Editing.

After that, I have scheduled in a month on NetGalley, thanks to the lovely Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours. This will allow my book to be read and reviewed prior to publication on Amazon.

And then it will be properly available to everyone else on Tuesday the 24th May 2016.

If you are interested in receiving a complimentary advance copy, please contact me at

Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for specials in the coming months.

Woo-hoo! I’ll be back soon with further updates!

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